Base Build & Water Supplies

GTM Fire Protection Ltd design, supply install and service all types of sprinkler systems water supplies in accordance with whichever regulations insurers may require us to meet. From Towns Mains supplies, to Dedicated Sprinkler Water Supplies (Fire Pump & Storage Tank installa-tions) we have the capability to design and install to meet both the clients requirements, and compliance requirements as appropriate.

Typical Types of Water Supplies Include;

Towns Mains Supplies
Where water pressure is deemed sufficient enough through appropriate testing, sprinkler systems may be installed using a new towns mains connection (permission sought through the appropriate water authori-ties) Such kinds of supplies can be utilised on Domestic, Residential & Commercial sites where flow & pres-sure requirements are within scope for the sprinkler system itself.

Dedicated Water Supplies
Consisting of water storage tanks & specifically selected fire pumps dedicated water supplies are an excel-lent and proven method of providing sprinkler systems water for durations as stipulated by the rules associated.
Types of Dedicated Installations include;

  • Single Water Supplies – Storage Tank with One or More Fire Pumps
  • Superior Single Water Supplies – Storage Tanks with Two or More Fire Pumps
  • Duplicate Water Supplies – Two single water supplies where each supply is independent from one another
  • Combined Water Supplies – One Superior & One Duplicate Supply

Our accreditation ensures quality is provided at the highest level by our project team. We provide a no obligation quotation with free consultation and guidance. All our designs are verified by qualified staff. Equipment and pipework systems are fully approved and tested in accordance with the relevant standard. Every system is installed and commissioned by our own team of Engineers.